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01 May 2012 @ 12:40 am
[fic] spiced tea and porcelain  
Title: Spiced Tea and Porcelain.
Summary: Fifty sentences exploring the odd relationship between an unloved couple.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: 1,914.
Pairing: Kyouya Hibari/Bluebell.
AN: eclats_de_voix suggested this challenge back when we first met, and I only just decided to get round to it. This is for 1sentence using theme set alpha.

#01  Comfort

As awkward as he was, and claimed to be, Kyouya sure knew how to soothe her worries; because, really, all it took was a casual pat of her head.

#02 – Kiss

The first time they kissed, their noses had brushed and teeth had clashed, and sometimes it still happened as standing on her tiptoes made no difference to clumsiness.

#03  Soft

When his fingers had first traced the smooth curve of her breast, the clearing of his throat that followed after was to cover his reaction; or, rather, emphasise it unknowingly.

#04 – Pain

The ache of his muscles and throbbing of the fresh cuts were nothing compared to knowing he’d beaten her, once again, and the snide smirk across her lips as she coughed painfully was enough to assure him they would be at each other’s throats very soon.

#05 – Potatoes

“I don’t see why you insist on ordering a meal,” Bluebell drawled, reaching across the table to pinch a warm chip from his plate and nibbling on the end, “when all you eat is the meat.”

#06 – Rain

She insisted that contemplating in the rain gave her a mature image, even when soaked to the bone, but in reality, the young girl simply needed to be as tranquil as her flame suggested.

#07 – Chocolate

Her lips were mere centimetres away before he appeared; taking a bite from her confectionery and pulling back—tongue shooting out and slowly licking any of the melted chocolate that remained—smirking as he met her gaze.

#08 – Happiness

A voice in her head whispered that she was insane to attempt to see past his taunts and snide remarks, and even though she agreed with it, the teasing tone he possessed when whispering into her ear was sinful and rendered her knees weak—if anything, his teasing was what made her smile.

#09 – Telephone

The phone on the bedside table vibrated and her arm shot out, fingers mashing the buttons in an attempt to turn it off; soon, the device was across the room and he was still beside her, even though his eyes were focused on the ceiling.

#10 – Ears

His teeth skimmed her cartilage before nipping at her flesh, the low chuckle that he emitted carrying an underlying message; that he knows she’s sensitive, purposely coaxing reactions from her.

#11 – Name

“I’ll bother you later, Kyouya,” Bluebell sang, pivoting on her heel and walking gracefully out of the wrong, tilting her head to the side only just in time to miss the pen that was thrown at her—it was worth it, after all, as the looks of surprise from the students from her lack of bruises made her feel as though she had some sort of hold over the older male.

#12 – Sensual

The girl had no shame, for sure, and the way she moved when scantily clad never ceased to make him think it was sensual, and raise an eyebrow whilst wondering about her intentions.

#13 – Death

She grinned with no shame, fingertips against her forehead as she saluted—the sight of her standing amongst a duo of collapsed bodies was surprising, but what was more was that Kyouya was sure she was going to be the death of him.

#14 – Sex

He had a peculiar way of showing affection; feelings in the form of bruises from his warm fingers, the gentle nips conveying how he wanted to mark her and, most of all, the teasing roll of his hips as their skin collided, the movements coaxing her to gasp in frustration.

#15 – Touch

The amount of times they’d touched was countless, but even during a spar, the electrifying feeling of his skin against hers was always present.

#16 – Weakness

Though his emotions were hard to tell, once the night had fallen and she was breathing soundlessly beside him, sometimes his fingers would wind up in her hair, as if he was caressing a small animal—and she’d endure it, just for the warmth within her chest and push her pride aside to accept she was little, only for a moment.

#17 – Tears

For Bluebell, her anger was often in tune with her tear ducts; meaning that when the older male infuriated to the point her cheeks clashed greatly with her irides, moisture would be coating her flesh, too, as she hissed in fury.

#18 – Speed

The speed of which she fell for him was beyond her, because, really, how could such an arrogant, hard-headed individual manage to unknowingly worm himself into her heart?

#19 – Wind

Strands of hair obscured her vision as the wind continued to hiss and howl, and all she heard beside her was a snort of amusement as she didn’t attempt to hold her skirt down.

#20 – Freedom

His reputation allowed her to gain more than just leverage over other students; by default, he teachers turned their noses up at her sarcastic remarks and the smirk across her lips was nothing more than an expression of fondness.

#21 – Life

Other than the slightest twitch of his lips, life was reflected within his eyes; though, it mostly flared when he was challenged.

#22 – Jealousy

Sometimes the glances that were sent his way put her off, making her realise the difference between the two of them as she knew he was out of her league, and yet, as she grumbled under her breath, she had to remember no one else touched him the way she had.

#23 – Hands

Kyouya’s calloused hands were more suited to fighting, and every time her toes curled against the mattress, she considered her assumptions invalid.

#24 – Taste

For being a self-proclaimed carnivore, the intoxicating flavour of his lightly spiced tea that he drank was always sweet upon her tongue.

#25 – Devotion

She’d read and heard the most ridiculous of phrases uttered within intimate moments, some of which were hard to believe; vulgar and embarrassing things spilled from her lips at such times, the hidden meaning behind them coming out as she placed soft kisses along his jaw.

#26 – Forever

She’s too selfish to let him go, and he’s too prideful to admit anything, and that’s how they go togehter; they clash.

#27 – Blood

The moment her blood splatters onto the floor, she looked up at him with half-lidded eyes and smirks, the curve not quite meeting her eyes, accepting defeat.

#28 – Sickness

As the blanket was yanked onto the other side of the bed again, Bluebell pouted before wrapping her arms around the nearest pillow, pressing her face against the cotton and being comforted by his scent.

#29 – Melody

The shrill singing from the bird’s vocal chords were off putting, to say the least, but as Kyouya smirked against the warm flesh of her neck before nipping below the jugular, she decided she could put up with it after all.

#30 – Star

Bluebell had preferred to watch the stars in the sky from a high place and be in her own presence, and that would’ve stayed the same if it wasn’t for the male beside her under the duvet, she mused whilst glancing through the window.

#31 – Home

She didn’t question when he appeared in her doorway, nor his motive for visiting at all; the rare few moments of being close to each other was enough of an answer.

#32 – Confusion

Her infatuation with him had been her darkest secrets (one that put the skeletons in her closet to shame), and with time, her frustration and fondness of his awkward personality only grew.

#33 – Fear

When she could feel his breath across her face, Bluebell jerked away in surprise, a flash of panic in her eyes (his fingers were warm on her arm, breath sweet), as he grinned, baring his teeth, well aware of the attraction she held for him.

#34 – Lightning/Thunder

Kyouya’s eye twitched as he watched her from afar interact with a young child, too stubborn to acknowledge how similar the two were in terms of personality.

#35 – Bonds

“Aren’t you being selfish?” he murmured, breath hot against her ear as he nipped (a hand tracing the skin underneath her shirt, the other gripping the hairs of her nape), a low and rough chuckle leaving his throat, “I don’t belong to anyone.”

#36 – Market

Within Namimori a small weekly market appeared every passing Sunday, and Bluebell was always there to pick the ripest of fruits so she could proudly tempt him later that evening.

#37 – Technology

“Well, this is precious,” Bluebell mocked, resting her shoulder against his and using him as support, “you typed the whole message within the subject line again.”

#38 – Gift

She’d barely turned around before his lips were against her (breath hot, teeth clashing and hands reaching for anything to grasp), and she soon found herself pressed against the wall with a lazy smile.

#39 – Smile

Maybe it was her masochistic side that was coming out, but whenever he decided to convey anything through bites—no matter where—Bluebell couldn’t help but laugh with a glad smile.

#40 – Innocence

“Bluebell,” he hissed, eyes narrowed as he stared at the girl he’d caught red handed; once again, she was trying to see what sort of food his canary would eat.

#41 – Completion

Kyouya frowned, trying hard to focus on the papers on the desk before him and stop himself from looking at the girl sprawled across the sofa to no avail (the tempting porcelain legs that she had hanging over the top, her back and head against the cushions were hints that the ridiculous position was just to get his attention, and it was working).

#42 – Clouds

The clouds in the sky and rain are connected, no matter how anyone looks at them.

#43 – Sky

Bluebell hummed, resting her chin upon her palm as she glanced towards the clouds, idly wondering when he was going to finish training.

#44 – Heaven

By just allowing her to be by his side, she considers it some sort of a miracle, and as sleep soon took over and his expression became somewhat vulnerable, Bluebell laughed softly to herself.

#45 – Hell

“I can’t,” she moaned, face falling down onto the desk and cooling her skin (apart from the stacks of paper that only irked her, just the mere texture caused her to grit her teeth), “it’s just too much to handle.”

#46 – Sun

He dozed off into the early afternoon, and she sat beside him, head tilting to the sky as the rays of sun caressed her features.

#47 – Moon

The moonlight did wonders for her skin, Kyouya mused, eyes trailing along her already alabaster skin shining from the rays of light reflected onto her; she didn’t seem to mind, though, and simply nuzzled the pillow to get comfier.

#48 – Waves

No matter how many times she asked, Kyouya refuses to get into the water with her and simply stays put by the side, as if guarding the area and not allowing anyone else to see her (and, as hard as he tried, it wasn’t easy to forget she had an exhibitionist streak).

#49 – Hair

“You look deathly like this,” Bluebell murmured, humming in thought as she ran her fingers through the black tresses of his hair; only for a moment before he grasped her hand, nipping her fingertip teasingly in denial.

#50 – Supernova

He released a low laugh at her comment, lips curling upwards and she blinked, responding with her own small smile; for him to have such an expression was, indeed, rare.

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「♔ 鈴。」: so meant to be;seireeii on May 2nd, 2012 12:09 am (UTC)
Here I am, once again. Shoving my 1896-deprived self onto your wonderful 1806 goodness. Sorry...

Anyway, this is wonderful, and just what I need to clear my mind from my drabble collection and Independent Project. Do you mind if I use the same challenge, but for my favorite pairing instead?

I LOVED #35. Hibari can be so sexy sometimes, hell, all the time, but this just took the cake. Literally. I was listening to some stupid song when I read it, but that didn't take the effect off. Just the image in my head just....Oh. My. GAWD. #35 is DEFINITELY my favorite.

Honestly, I think this challenge, or 50 sentence thing you've just posted is amazing, and I love it. I've been waiting for somemore 1806 from you, and now that you've FINALLY posted some, I just CAN'T GET ENOUGH! I demand MORE, Aimee, MORE!!! This writing style is absolutely beautiful, and I can't stop telling you how much I admire it. <333
『栄美。』: pic#117117086aimeeshii on May 2nd, 2012 12:29 am (UTC)
As long as you don't make a habit of deluding yourself into thinking Bluebell is Chrome, all is good, ahaha.

Of course, feel free to use the same challenge! There are lots of different challenge sets that you can choose (I, personally, found this one to be the most... romantic, in a sense), so go mad and scroll through 'em.

I really want to know what stupid song you were listening to, ahaha. Gosh, Rei, you never cease to make me all embarrassed and giddy with your comments, you really make my day. I typed this up through class when I was staying late, so when I looked back over it, most of the tenses were mixed up from me trying to get it done quickly. OTL
「♔ 鈴。」: kamikorosu;seireeii on May 2nd, 2012 04:53 am (UTC)
Delude myself? I already believe it. Hibari's the one for Chrome. Not Mukuro. I don't care WHAT the manga says. It's just not happening. And as for Bluebell, I haven't seen enough of her to fight that. xD

So, I finished my fifty sentences, and I used the same one you did, because they really were more romantic, and I'm fairly alright at romance. They took me longer than I thought they would—it's nearly one in the morning where I live, and I'm exhausted, and I have school tomorrow. FML. But, all the while, excluding LJ's need to piss me off near the end of my experience, I thouroughly enjoyed this, so thank you for posting your wonderful 1806 goodness on this 1806-deprived site. God love you.

And it's no problem, really. Your stuff is amazing. D18 or 1806. I simply love your writing style, and I can learn a lot from it by attempting to imitate it. As for the tenses, it all looks seamless, to my tired and drooping eyes at least (I need to get some sleep...). Heh, the song I was listening to was "Poker Face" by: Lady GaGa. Yuck. I like the few lines, but that's about it. Although, it's hilarious when Eric Cartman sings in it that one episode of South Park. :)
miwaneko: hold memiwaneko on May 6th, 2012 08:44 pm (UTC)
AAAAAAAAAAAAH. Gosh, this is truly great! I discovered my love for this pairing through you, actually... some time ago. But there are hardly any fans for it ;n; And the fact that I roleplay Bluebell doesn't really help, at all.

My sweet, bratty princess <3

Moving on, I love these! And they were in character, too, and just... very beautiful <3
『栄美。』: pic#116780389aimeeshii on May 6th, 2012 09:01 pm (UTC)
You and I are probably the only shippers in the world for this, ahaha. I'm so glad that you like it, though! I've been trying to convert friends and they're having none of it whatsoever. You roleplay Bluebell? If you're on tumblr, I'd love to roleplay with you! I can't find any good Bluebells.

Thank you ever so much! <3
miwaneko: kitty likes to scratchmiwaneko on May 6th, 2012 09:05 pm (UTC)
Pffft, it's ok, more for us /shot
I do! I am part of a roleplay group, but I could, uh, make another account? Or we could always use MSN/google docs. I'd love to roleplay with you, but I'm also a bit embarrassed a-akfl;fas u//////u I think your Bluebell is lovely, and I'm used to roleplaying mine the way she is after meeting certain people in this KHR group I'm part of.
B-but yes, I look forward to it! Most likely after I'm done with finals OTL
『栄美。』: pic#116511473aimeeshii on May 6th, 2012 09:14 pm (UTC)
I see! Anything would be fine, really. The only roleplay groups I've seen have the rule of not interacting with anyone that's not in the group, so I haven't joined. >.> Just tell me whenever! 8D
miwaneko: summer thoughtsmiwaneko on May 6th, 2012 09:16 pm (UTC)
Haha, yeah... The dash tends to get messy and my group actually has different pages for relationships and stuff. In a way, it's better like that~

But yes, I will let you know /chuu
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